Corruption, Collusion and the Dark Side of COVID-19 Response

In a world shrouded by a veil of secrecy, the common man seldom sees the twisted alliance between the ruling class and corporate giants. The global pandemic unleashed a wave of destruction that demanded swift action. Yet, the thirst for power and control drove governments to unprecedented heights, forging unholy alliances with pharmaceutical conglomerates that put profits above people. The sinister collusion threatened to tear the very fabric of society apart and jeopardize the lives of billions in the name of greed.

In the early days of the pandemic, a united America stood firmly behind the notion that lockdowns were the only way to curb the rampant spread of COVID-19. The majority of the population, gripped by the fear of a disease with no cure, took the necessary precautions to avoid contracting the deadly virus. Amidst the uncertainty and the looming threat of death, people’s natural instinct to protect themselves and their loved ones kicked in, prompting them to stay indoors and practice social distancing.

As more data about the virus emerged, a divide formed between conservatives and liberals.

While conservatives began to listen to the science and adjust their behavior accordingly, many liberals remained steadfast in their commitment to lockdowns, disregarding the mounting evidence that certain settings were safe, that healthy individuals faced little risk and that masks did very little to prevent the spread. Despite the conclusive data, governments persisted in enforcing lockdowns, ignoring the harmful ancillary effects they clearly would — and inevitably did — have on society. This prompted a fierce backlash from conservatives who saw through the government’s facade, realizing that they were being controlled through fear and the guise of public safety. The government’s refusal to listen to reason only fueled their skepticism.

With the rollout of the vaccine, the government and even many conservatives urged the public to get vaccinated. Initially, many, including myself, heeded the call. However, as we learned more about the vaccine’s efficacy, doubts began to surface. We learned more and more about how truly ineffective they were at preventing COVID-19. We were told that even those who were vaccinated should still practice social distancing and wear a mask.

And pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna stated that there was no need to worry about long-term side effects, given the billions of doses already administered — though, this circular logic went unnoticed. The companies touted a 99% efficacy rate, yet breakthrough cases continued to occur, and the side effects were often more severe than the virus itself. Again, the once-united front cracked as the reality of the vaccine’s limitations became apparent.

We didn’t have all the new data back when the vaccine was first rolled out. Yet, I have always believed that freedom and choice are values too precious to be compromised. I thank God every day that I am in a position where I can empower my own employees with those values. Where I can honor my employee’s autonomy and give them the power to choose. For while tens of millions of Americans across the country were faced with the agonizing dilemma of choosing between their livelihood and their beliefs, my employees were free to chart their own course.

As the pandemic eased, big pharmaceutical companies began releasing booster shots, leaving many wondering why they were necessary if the initial vaccines were truly effective. Despite continued claims of effectiveness, evidence emerged that those who were fully vaccinated still contracted COVID-19 at a higher rate than the unvaccinated. It appeared that the push for booster shots only served to benefit the pharmaceutical companies’ bottom line, rather than addressing COVID-19.

The quest to uncover the origin of COVID has been a challenging one, with the hopes of discovering the initial conditions that could lead to an effective and safe vaccine. Amidst the chaos of vaccines and lockdowns, it was the conservatives who pointed the finger right from the start, blaming the Wuhan Institute of Virology for its involvement in gain of function research that unleashed the virus upon the world. But instead of acknowledging this theory, the government pushed back with an iron fist, censoring and shaming anyone who dared to even say the word “Wuhan,” all at the behest of Anthony Fauci, the darling of the left — the consistently wrong and deceitful spokesperson who fueled misinformation and hid the truth about the virus and the vaccines.

As the grip of COVID-19 loosens with its weakened mutations and decreased fatality, big pharmaceutical companies seem to be circling like vultures, ready to prey on the fears of the susceptible liberals. Shockingly, they are charging up to four times more for the COVID-19 vaccine, taking advantage of the trust and desperation of the people. It’s perplexing to think that the very same government that passed a law granting blanket immunization for the vaccine is now failing to take any action to force these companies to keep their prices in check. One has to wonder if the government lacks foresight or if they are beholden to the vested interests of Big Pharma.

As Americans are confronted with the disturbing reality of government corruption and the insidious tactics of Big Pharma to embed themselves in the halls of power, the question that begs to be answered is this: Will we allow history to repeat itself? Will we stand idly by and allow those with power and influence to manipulate our government and exploit our vulnerabilities for their own gains?


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