Give Men A Voice

In America, there are millions of men that don’t have a voice when it comes to their own children.

Mothers are allowed to abort their baby without the father’s permission or even telling the father.

Fathers have been silenced and given no choice, but to accept a woman’s decision to allow a child to live or die. 

Amanda Makki, candidate for Congress in Florida’s 13th District, delivered a speech on this topic during a pro-life rally in Florida. 

She shares the story of Baby Moon. A gut wrenching story of how a loving father was denied a choice to care for his son when the mother decided to abort baby Moon.

You can actually hear the audience react to the details of this tragedy. 

Watch Amanda Makki’s powerful speech.

Makki is helping bring to light the story of Baby Moon and Shane, and millions of other men out there that want to be good fathers, but are never given the chance.

And like in Shane’s case… they didn’t even have a voice.

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