Democrats Don’t Give a Damn About This BLM: ‘Babies’ Lives Matter’

Insanity. Everything President Joe Biden and his radical, treasonous, communist cabal does is pure insanity. But nothing is stranger than the Democrats’ obsession with and hatred for children — whether it be murder in the womb, or much later.

I’m not just talking about their obsession with allowing abortion up until birth. This is a clear mixture of insanity and desire for the mass murder of living, breathing babies.

But give Democrats an inch, and they always want a mile.

Now these same Democrats are going after perfectly healthy babies, months or even a year after birth. Because of a harsh nationwide baby formula shortage, babies could starve to death, or certainly face diminished lives because of damaged immune systems.

But Biden and Democrats are clearly too busy and distracted from destroying the economy; killing the entire energy industry; whipping up hyperinflation to destroy the middle class; sending $40 billion of taxpayer money to Ukraine (which I believe is the most corrupt nation on earth); trying their best to start a nuclear WWIII with Russia; making sure every violent criminal is released without bail; opening up the border to every disease- and poverty-stricken person in the world; brainwashing kindergartners to hate white people and question their sexual identity; asking the Justice Department and FBI to persecute and prosecute parents at PTA meetings; and of course, allowing violent, illegal protests at the homes of conservative Supreme Court judges — knowing full well that one of these days a judge or their family may be murdered by an obsessed, abortion-crazed Democrat protester.

All of this obviously takes precedence for Biden and Democrats over something as unimportant as feeding babies.

Biden knew we were going to face a baby formula shortage. It was his Food and Drug Administration that shut down the biggest baby formula plant in America. The Biden administration knew what was coming. Biden did nothing. He warned no one. And to this moment, he has no plan.

Except to make sure there’s plenty of baby formula for the babies of noncitizen migrants. Biden and his radical Marxist cabal have prioritized refugee babies over American-born babies. Have you seen the pallets of baby formula at border facilities, while shelves at supermarkets in Texas are bare?

But why would anyone be surprised at Democrats’ twisted views about American children? Listen to the wild, radical, insane statements of Democrats in just the past week relating to their joy about and obsession with child murder…

First, our U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made the statement that banning abortion would “hurt the economy.” The treasury secretary of the United States is insane.

Then Democrat Rep. Katie Porter said hyperinflation reinforces the need for abortion. A congresswoman was essentially saying that since Biden policies have made gas and groceries unaffordable, American women must have the option to murder their babies.

Finally, we heard about “the piece de resistance:” ABORTION TOURISM.

Yes, California Democrats are trying to “make abortion fun again.” California legislators are poised to pass a bill that would pay pregnant women from anywhere in America to vacation in California, hit the beach, get a nice tan, drink a mimosa — and then murder their baby.

What a vacation experience.

I’m surprised they’re not setting up abortion clinics at Disneyland next to the roller-coaster.

Democrats are stark raving mad and pure evil. Who is coming up with these ideas? Lucifer?

Biden and his radical, treasonous, communist cabal have an obsession with killing babies.

Tragically, it now extends to the living variety.

Except, of course, for refugee babies whose parents have illegally invaded our border.

Those babies have “Democrat privilege.” After all, in only 18 years they’ll all be Democrat voters.

And obviously, if doctors could determine if a baby was born transgender, or gender-fluid, or gender binary, or gender neutral or gender expansive, Biden and his communist cabal would spare them too.

Democrats clearly see migrants and transgender people as the future of America.

We are living in insane times. Democrats’ attempts to open the borders, kill our energy independence, spread violent crime to every big city and kill the economy are pretty darn insane.

But nothing compares to their bloodlust for hurting or killing innocent children. Democrats clearly don’t give a damn about this BLM: “BABIES’ LIVES MATTER.”

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