Documents Related to Boston Mayor’s ‘Electeds of Color Holiday Party’

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced it filed a public records lawsuit in the Superior Court for Suffolk County, Massachusetts, against the City of Boston after the city failed to produce records related to the “Electeds of Color Holiday Party” hosted by Boston Mayor Michelle Wu in December 2023 (Judicial Watch v. City of Boston (No. 2484-cv-00332)).

On December 13, 2023, Judicial Watch submitted a public records request for:

A. All internal email communications of Mayor Wu, Chief of Equity and Inclusion Cervera, Chief of Staff Chu, Chief People Officer Lawrence, Chief of Human Services Masso, Senior Advisor Osgood, Spokesman Patron, and Chief of Communications Pierre related to the “Electeds of Color Holiday Party,” including but not limited to its planning and invitation list.

B. All internal email communications of all members of the Boston City Council related to the “Electeds of Color Holiday Party.”

C. All budget records related to “Electeds of Color Holiday Party,” including but not limited to invoices, purchase orders, financial statements, agreements and contracts.

On December 12, 2023, a city employee sent an email on behalf of Mayor Wu, inviting all city councilors to an “Electeds of Color Holiday Party” being held the following Wednesday night. Shortly after the initial invitation was sent, the same employee sent another email to apologize for sending out the invitation to all city councilors.

Mayor Wu defended the party saying:

It seems like some of the folks who are concerned might also just not have all the information, right?

I can understand someone might be confused or worried if certain people weren’t being invited at all or were being left out of any type of celebration. But I assure you, everyone on the Boston City Council has got an invitation to multiple types of events and holiday parties.

“Left-wing extremists in Boston’s city government have fully embraced anti-white segregation and discrimination,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “And now these same politicians are hiding records about this racial discrimination and abuse.”

Judicial Watch is suing on behalf of San Francisco taxpayers over a city program which discriminates in favor of biological black and Latino men who identify as women in the distribution of tax money. The taxpayer lawsuit was filed today against San Francisco Mayor London Breed, City Treasurer Jose Cisneros, the director of the city’s Office of Transgender Initiatives, and City Administrator Carmen Chu for violating the Equal Protection clause of the California Constitution.

In October 2023, a Judicial Watch open records request forced the release of records from the City of San Francisco showing the city prioritized tax money for black and Latino transgenders (biological men) in the (GIFT) program, which also allowed illegal aliens to apply; allowed people who “engage in survival sex trades” to apply; and the use of the funds by participants was virtually unrestricted.

In December 2023, the Minnesota Court of Appeals reversed the trial court’s ruling and allowed Judicial Watch’s historic lawsuit filed on behalf of a Minneapolis taxpayer over a teachers’ contract that provides discriminatory job protections to certain racial minorities to proceed.

In May 2022, Judicial Watch won a court battle against California’s gender quota law for corporate boards. The verdict came after a 28-day trial. The verdict followed a similar ruling in Judicial Watch’s favor in April finding California’s race, ethnicity and LGBT quotas or corporate boards unconstitutional.

The City of Asheville, NC, in January 2022 settled a Judicial Watch federal civil rights lawsuit after agreeing to remove all racially discriminatory provisions in a city-funded scholarship program. Additionally, the city agreed to remove racially discriminatory eligibility provisions in a related program that provides grants to educators.

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