“George Washington Republicans” Have A Secret Weapon

Republicans and Democrats have SuperPACs that push the agenda of the party, but who is looking out for the people? 

There is one PAC that is standing focused on defending pro-liberty candidates regardless of their political affiliation. It’s called the American Liberty Fund (ALF) and they are making some waves this election year, and a lot of people are starting to take notice.

This year, they’ve raised over $1.5 million and have created some powerful and effective ads for candidates that are pushing for the prosperity and safety of all Americans. 

Party doesn’t come first for ALF.

During the primaries and in the general election, American Liberty Fund is supporting what they call, “George Washington Republicans.” These are candidates all over the country that put principle over party.

Candidates that are not always backed by their respective parties, because they speak their minds and stand up for what they believe is right. 

One candidate they’re supporting is Dan Rodimer from Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. Rodimer was once a professional wrestler and is now an attorney running for the first time. He is taking a strong stance against defunding the police and the commercials made for Rodimer have been very effective during the campaign. See the ad here.

When ALF supports a candidate, they create video ads that are some of the best in the business. 

They just released a new ad supporting President Trump that is able to break through the clutter of this election and stand out as being unique. See the ad here.

Titled “FredTrump: Yiddishkeit”, the ad is a positive ad that attempts to remind Ameircans of the tremendous friendship his family has with the Jewish people. Fred Trump helped Holocaust survivors in America. 

We haven’t seen a lot of positive ads this election year, but American Liberty Fund was able to create a commercial that was interesting and creative that isn’t an attack ad. To be honest, in 2020, that alone is quite an accomplishment. We’ll see on November 3rd if the American Liberty Fund can help their candidates win. 

If ALF keeps making powerful commercials and raising money like they are, some people might be very surprised and the new SuperPAC could be in high demand in the next election cycle.

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