Is The World Rejecting America?

Is there something wrong with American culture? Why is it that countries around the world continue to reject our American way of living? We saw this most recently in the Taliban’s wholesale takeover of Afghanistan just a few days after American troops left the ground.

Think about it for a second: After 20 years of American “nation-building” and the attempt to push American values onto the nation, it disappeared in less than a week. Trillions of dollars and countless lives lost to spread a culture that the Afghan people did not even want.

Let’s look at our culture and why it may not be so appealing to others. America has become the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah whereby sexual immorality, laziness and divisiveness are taking over. We have people like the Kardashians who have become famous because of a sex tape. We have transgender and homosexual people imposing their will and identity on children as young as preschool age. The NFL is even playing two national anthems before each game. Is this what other countries want?

Middle Eastern countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Turkey and Lebanon are more traditional societies. Take for example the feminist movement in America; there is nothing wrong with pushing feminism in the U.S. However, it is completely foreign to people living in the Middle East. I am not even just talking about the men either; the women also do not like the raging white feminism that is so pervasive in American society. Recognizing this, it should be no surprise that our way of living was resoundingly rejected.

We have lost our identity. Our military used to be revered the world over, but now it is so enthralled in diversity training and identity politics that it has forgot its mission. Defending America from forces abroad does not equate to teaching our troops about gender roles and transgenderism. That belongs in fringe academia.

Where did all of this come from? Why did we allow it to happen? It appears to me that America has been completely blindsided by the current state of affairs. We just allowed ourselves to be walked over by radicals and immoral individuals from the worst walks of life. These people who push this sick agenda are weak-minded sheep who wish to force the entire country to conform to their beliefs or be canceled. Tell me — do you think the people of Afghanistan care about transgenderism? Or would people in Iraq care about being canceled? It is all utter nonsense if you ask me.

Worse than anything, our children are being corrupted by these sick people. Turn on Nickelodeon; you will see transgender and homosexual characters in shows and commercials pushing their identity. I have no problem with what someone wishes to do themselves, but why get children involved? Also, it does not make sense to me why our elite pushing this radical agenda think that those abroad want this agenda, too. Americans do not even want it, never mind those in countries with different values and cultures than us.

We must remember that America is a very young country relative to the rest of the world.

The cultures and identities of countries like those in the Middle East have developed and molded over centuries. In many cases, thousands of years. The truth is, what makes us think we are so special to push our relatively new values on the rest of the world? In short, we are not so special. We may feel that we are, but all we have done is angered our neighbors and allies alike. Worse, our enemies. It is similar to the new kid at school trying to force their way to the top, pushing everyone aside. While they may thrive in the first few months, very quickly their new style will rub many the wrong way, and sooner rather than later, they will be ostracized. That is what is happening to America today — we are becoming ostracized from the rest of the world.

The great American experiment is failing before our eyes. The worst part is that we are doing it to ourselves. It is not like China, Russia or another adversary fought us in battle and left us weak in the field. In complete contrast, we have pulled one another apart tooth and nail from the inside. No one with differing opinions can ever sit together. Is this a society worth sharing with the world? Is this the type of society that the rest of the world even wants?

If our leaders wish to push debauchery here, we are the ones that are set to suffer. It surprises me little that the rest of the world has no interest in suffering with us. You would not want what we have either; that says something about our nation.

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