Is Trump Back?

Before I get to the 10,000-pound elephant in the room — the status of former President Donald J. Trump — I first want to deal with the disastrous problem we face. Namely, the purposeful destruction of America.

Things are pretty scary in America right now. We are being relentlessly attacked from within, from a thousand directions at once. I believe America and American exceptionalism are hanging by a thread.

There is no greater Exhibit A for the destruction of America than Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee.

Jackson has been called soft on pedophilia and child porn cases (not once, but in 10 separate cases, she chose the least severe punishment possible); soft on Islamic terrorism (she represented terrorists at Guantanamo pro bono — free of charge); in favor of “critical race theory,” which paints both America and white people as toxic and evil; and completely unqualified (based on some of her rulings being overturned by higher courts). To top it off, Jackson couldn’t or wouldn’t define what a woman is. Oh, boy.

But why should this surprise anyone? Jackson was chosen only based on the color of her skin. To pick someone based only on being black and female is disgraceful, blatantly racist, insulting and disrespectful to every qualified American of any race or gender. Yet it appears Jackson will be confirmed for the highest court in the land.

I repeat for emphasis: America and American exceptionalism are hanging by a thread.

But I have fantastic news for anyone who loves this country and who wants to fight back and make America great again. There is hope on the horizon. The cavalry is on the way.

That’s of course assuming we can survive this massive communist assault upon America for three more years. And that’s a big question.

But it’s now clear Donald J. Trump is back to lead the battle, bigger and bolder than ever before.

I say that not only as a man who studies polls religiously, but as a witness who just spent a week up close and personal with Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

First, the polls. The most credible poll out there is the RealClearPolitics “poll of polls” (meaning the average of many credible polls). This poll of polls shows Trump is now the most popular politician in America. And it’s not even close.

Another poll from Emerson College shows Trump just hit 59% approval, again much higher than Biden.

Finally, in a new poll conducted by The Republican National Campaign Committee, in 77 battleground Congressional districts, Biden sits 15 points underwater. Forty-five percent of voters strongly disapprove of the job Biden is doing, while only 17% strongly approve.

Rumor has it those 17% mostly reside in mental institutions, rehab centers and prisons.

Now to my personal testimony.

My wife Cindy and I just returned from our honeymoon at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s estate and private club in Palm Beach, Florida. This amazing trophy property may be the most valuable residential property in America.

I saw Trump each night for dinner. I spent time up close and personal with the man. And I can tell you several things that should scare the heck out of liberals…

–Trump looked healthy, strong and confident.

–Trump was carefree; he was actually spinning records during dinner. He has eclectic taste ranging from opera to rock to rap to pop tunes. I have no doubt he could make millions per night as “DJ PREZ” at Las Vegas nightclubs!

I also watched as Trump, the former leader of the free world, personally gave out the awards to the winners of the men’s, ladies’ and seniors’ golf tournaments at his Trump International Golf Club. By the way, the senior tournament winner was … Donald J. Trump!

How’s that for carefree?

I witnessed many famous GOP politicians at Mar-a-Lago, hat in hand, begging for Trump’s support — including RINO Republican politicians who act like they don’t care about Trump when talking to the media. So much for that lie.

Trump is very much back in the game. He’s got his mojo back. He looks very much like President Nos. 45 and 47.

I have no doubt Trump is the winner in 2024. But that’s only if we make it to 2024.

As I said to Trump, “I love and appreciate you. I believe you were the winner of the 2020 election. After the disaster of Biden, I believe you’ll win the 2024 election by a large margin. But the real question is, can America survive another three years?”

That’s the most important question in the history of America.


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