Late Night Show Does A Racist Obama Impersonation… Now What?

If Jimmy Fallon had a comedian on the Tonight Show that dressed up as a stereotypical rapper in black face paint, then he would be in trouble.

If that comedian portrayed Barrack Obama in black face paint, dressed as a rapper, then he would be cancelled, and probably wouldn’t get another late night show ever again.

Jimmy isn’t that stupid, but apparently one late night show host is that foolish. Or, just doesn’t care.

In Russia, the Kremlin funds a late-night television talk show that did just that.

Mezhdunarodnaya Pilorama (“International Saw-Panorama”) is a show in Russia that is  hosted by Tigran Keosayan. Keosayan had a female guest dress up as a “rapper” with black face. He introduced the guest as the fake “Obama” shouted “Black Lives Matter.”

During the ignorant back and forth banter, the host actually said “there’s no racism in Russia.”

Clearly that isn’t true.

Sure, America is going through some tough times and we have some race issues that continue, but we hold ourselves to a different standard.

Jimmy Fallon would lose his job if he pulled a stunt like this, because Americans wouldn’t stand for it.

I myself am not a big fan of the former president Obama, but I respect him as a man and a president., Never would I even consider this kind of blatant disrespect acceptable any situation. Nor do most Americans, on either side of the isle.

It is stuff like this that highlights how far America has truly traveled towards freedom for all, and our struggles to become a more accepting and unified country. We’re not there yet, that is certainly true, but we’ve traveled a lot further towards that goal than Russia.

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