Taiwan Preparing For War With China

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister spoke to the press and explained to his nation that they are preparing for an invasion by China.

“We are very concerned that China is going to launch a war against Taiwan at some point.” – Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu

Joseph Wu said that the threat may not be imminent, but they are expecting a war.

He continues to explain all of the types of warfare and campaigns the Chinese have been executing against the Taiwanese for years. He says that it is only getting worse.

See the full speech.

China has been banging their war drums in the area for a while, especially their expansion into the South China Sea.

The Chinese have continued to push their territory, even though they have their own real-estate crisis happening in their own country with the Evergrande debacle.

Even though the intentions of the China seem clear to the world, nobody is standing up to them. At least nobody that could compete.

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