Trump was Right — and Now You Know It.

I am host of the weekend TV show, “America’s Top Ten Countdown with Wayne Allyn Root” on Real America’s Voice TV Network. Each Saturday I identify the top 10 stories that every conservative, patriot and person of faith needs to know. These are the stories you’ll never hear on any mainstream media, or even on Fox News.
Because the people at those networks (who choose the news stories) do not understand the way that true patriots think. They simply regurgitate whatever the D.C. swamp, deep state, Democrats, RINOS and government wants them to say.
My “America’s Top Ten Countdown” show this week was a special edition — dedicated to the top 10 lessons from the Hamas terror attack on Israel. All 10 lessons prove that former President Donald Trump was right — about everything.
No. 10: “Peace Through Strength” — Trump was right about America projecting strength leading to peace throughout the world.
Who can argue with this one? Just like President Ronald Reagan proved in the 1980s, under Trump who talked tough and carried a big stick, the world was at peace. No wars. No major terror attacks. Evil, egomaniac dictators behaved.
Under weak, feckless, brain-dead President Joe Biden, the world is on fire. We have nonstop crisis and chaos. We have war, not peace.
No. 9: Trump was right about Iran and how to treat them.
Trump knew Iran was a bad guy. He understood the mullahs of Iran are evil. He understood Iran funds terrorism all over the world. He understood former President Barack Obama’s Iran deal was a nightmare — the worst deal in history. Why give Iran billions of dollars that they will use to fund terrorism all over the world?
Trump killed the insane and stupid Iran deal. Trump imposed crippling sanctions on Iran, starving this terrorist regime.
Biden gave $6 billion to Iran. They either used that money to fund the terrible attack on Israel, or they simply greenlit the attack on Israel knowing America is weak and stupid… and they already had their $6 billion in the bank.
No. 8: Trump was right about ISIS and how to treat Islamic extremists and terrorists.
Trump stood up to evil. He ordered the U.S. military to kill evil. Trump killed ISIS in weeks — something no expert believed could be done. Trump ordered the assassination of Gen. Qasem Soleimani.
Trump understood you can’t negotiate with terrorists — or countries that support and fund terrorism all over the world. You kill them, and you strangle them financially.
Israel must now kill Hamas, the same way Trump killed ISIS. Don’t listen to lawyers, the U.N., or the media. Just turn your military loose to kill the bad guys. No mercy.
No. 7: Trump was right about Israel and how to choose one side — the good guys.
Trump stood with Israel. He was the first U.S. president to actually pick a side. He didn’t try
to be “fair.” He didn’t try to “see both sides.” He never apologized or backed down.
Now the whole world knows. Israelis are the good guys fighting pure evil.
No. 6: Trump was right about the Abraham Accords.
Trump negotiated peace between Israel and Arab nations. Trump convinced mortal enemies to do business together. Trump made Israel safer. Under Biden, the Middle East is at war.
No. 5: Trump was right about the so-called Muslim travel ban.
Trump banned people from terrorist countries from coming to America. We don’t want terrorists, or people who hate Jews and Christians in our country. We don’t want to turn America into Gaza or Lebanon. Trump wanted to keep your children safe. Trump wanted to protect Jews and Christians in America.
Under Trump, anyone who posed a threat was kept out. Under Biden, the entire world is coming in.
No. 4: Trump was right to issue his executive order to combat antisemitism on college campuses across America.
Have you seen the disgraceful pro-Hamas protests on elite college campuses across America? We can’t allow hatred of Jews to exist in this country. Trump tried to rid elite universities of antisemitism. This is a cancer. This is “hate speech.” It must be eradicated forever from college campuses.
No. 3: Trump was right about every American citizen having the right to own guns!
Israeli citizens were helpless to defend themselves. It took the military up to eight hours to rescue the citizens. By that time over 1,400 Jews were dead. The moral to the story is never give up your guns. Every citizen must be armed and ready to defend themselves. Today Israel is handing out guns to citizens free of charge.
No. 2: Trump was right about energy independence.
Trump made us energy independent. We no longer funded the enemies of America. As a bonus, Americans enjoyed cheap gas prices. Win-win for everyone.
Biden has damaged the U.S. energy industry. We are no longer energy independent — which means we depend on our enemies to survive. Every time we buy a barrel of oil from a Muslim country, we fund terrorism.
No. 1: Trump was right about border security, building the wall, Title 42 and keeping bad guys out of the USA.
Trump secured our border. He kept the bad guys out. Biden has opened our borders and invited in the entire world. Our country is being invaded. Coming in are military-age males from the Middle East… from Mexican drug cartels… and from China. These are bad people with evil intent who should not be in America. Trump kept them out. Biden has welcomed millions of bad guys in. Open borders are a disaster.
A bonus point…
Trump rebuilt our military and focused them on one thing: protecting America. America needs a strong military, not a woke military focused on climate change, diversity, equity, critical race theory, transgender people and flying rainbow flags. Maybe that’s what distracted Israel into making the worst security and intelligence blunder in history.
Trump was right about everything. And now you know it.
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