Biden Makes His Most Ludicrous COVID Claim Yet

Maybe this is why his rallies are so empty?

Joe Biden thinks 2 in 3 Americans have died of COVID-19.

Biden made the astonishingly incorrect claim on Sunday during a campaign event in Philadelphia–stating that 200 million Americans had died.

‘If Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19, which are well beyond what they should be – it’s estimated that 200 million people have died — probably by the time I finish this talk,’ said Biden, during the rally.

Nearly 200,000 Americans have died–a very far cry from 200 million, which would be 61% of the entire U.S. population.

It’s not the first time Biden has dramatically botched the COVID-19 fatality numbers: back in June, he claimed that 120 million Americans had died during the pandemic.

At that time, President Trump slammed back at Biden–saying the former VP’s comment was “beyond a normal mistake” and something “so mortifyingly stupid.”

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Morgan Mayhew
Morgan is a freelance writer for a variety of publications covering popular culture, societal behavior and the political influences of each.