Biden Polls Plunge As Black Voters Join Trump

President Trump is making huge inroads among black voters… and it’s already showing up in polls.

In the latest Rasmussen poll of Pennsylvania, both Trump and Biden are now tied at 46 percent.

That commes off a similar poll from Monmouth University, which places Biden’s lead at 1 to 3 points among likely voters.

Just two weeks ago, Biden was polling a comparatively massive 8 points head of Trump in Pennsylvania.

The reason for the sudden shift? Black voters.

Rasmussen found that 27 percent of black voters in Pennsylvania now support President Trump, while 67 percent support Biden.

Trump won just 8 percent of black voters nationally in 2016–and they form a key part of the Democratic coalition.

Trump doubling or even tripling his share of the black vote–as the Rasmussen poll suggests he might–would be game-over for Democrats in a number of must-win swing states.

The poll also found that, while the state is tied overall, Trump leads Biden among white voters and other minority voters–suggesting that Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes could come down to Trump’s performance among black voters.

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