Can Buying Local End Inflation?

Right now, millions of dollars of goods are stuck in transit and adding heavily to inflation. Demand is up on many products shipping from China plus with delays from COVID and rising energy costs is pushing the price up for Americans.

The Port of Los Angeles just had its busiest month in history and that is common around many of America’s largest ports.

There is a ton of demand for products and people don’t seem to care where they come from. They just want their new TV or LED lights for their bedroom.

With current consumer habits and inflation, one question comes to mind.

Will buying local end inflation?

In the 80’s and 90’s there was a big push to buy American. “Made in America.” That didn’t really end up so well with the explosion of the Internet, but what if had stuck to that. What if we bought more American products and shaped our consumer habits around buying local and domestic products? Would we have similar problems today?

Arguably, China is one of the biggest threats to American way of life. Mainly because so much of our lives now revolve around Chinese products.

Small businesses selling products from China, schools using on products from China and hospitals depending on products from China. Aside from inflation, any disruption to the supply chain would truly affect the American way of life.

Buying local won’t end inflation, but putting our money to better use by spending domestically, will help our country in the long run.

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