Democrats Just Woke the Sleeping Giant, Proved Who the Real Dictator Is

Remember what the Japanese Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto said after his airmen had destroyed Pearl Harbor and sent over 3,000 young Americans to their death in a sneak attack? His men cheered their resounding victory. But he solemnly stated, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.”
Like Pearl Harbor, May 30 is a day that will live in infamy. And Democrats have awakened the sleeping giant.
First, there is no question Democrats will regret this day. They’ve crossed a line that has never been crossed in the history of America. They’ve touched “the third rail.” They’ve destroyed the justice system and “the rule of law.” They’ve turned America into a combination of a Banana Republic, the Soviet Gulag and 1930s Nazi Germany.
If you can’t beat your opponent, indict him on false charges, rig the judge and jury, put on a “communist show trial,” and convict him to destroy his life, reputation and presidential campaign.
But as usual, this weaponization of government and un-American lawfare has backfired on Democrats.
With each of the four rigged indictments, they turned Trump into a martyr. They actually made Trump “sympathetic” for the first time. Now with this rigged conviction, they’ve moved into new territory.
Democrats have turned Trump into “America’s Nelson Mandela.”
Mandela spent many years locked up in prison. But in the end, he became a beloved legend, and the president of South Africa. The people of South Africa decided enough was enough. They saw the injustice of their government, and they chose the victim of this unjust, weaponized system to lead the country and reform the system.
The parallels between Trump and Mandela are astounding.
Trump, like Mandela, is a victim of an unjust system — in Trump’s case, a weaponized government and a corrupt justice system that has railroaded him. Like Mandela, the victim of this very system (Trump) is the one best equipped to become president, and then clean up the crimes and corruption of the deep state.
I believe Trump can use this conviction to win not only a landslide but a mandate from the American people. A mandate to clean up the system, put the evil wrongdoers in prison for treason, and make sure this sad chapter in our history never happens again.
Democrats in their desperation to stop Trump have made a massive miscalculation. The proof was seen and experienced not just yesterday but in the past few weeks.
Yesterday, after the verdict, Trump’s campaign fundraising site crashed because millions of Americans went there to donate and show their support for Trump.
For the day, WinRed raised $34.8 million — nearly doubling the all-time 24-hour record.
On the same day, one donor gave $800,000 to one of Trump’s campaign fundraising committees.
On the same day, former Hillary Clinton mega-donor Shaun Maguire contributed $300,000 to President Trump.
Yes, from small donors to mega donors, the guilty verdict has turned even Trump critics and fence-sitters into Trump supporters.
But if you’ve been paying attention, this remarkable trend started weeks ago.
The biggest names on Wall Street and Silicon Valle — always liberal, and mostly Jewish — have publicly announced they are for the first time ever throwing their money and support to Trump and the GOP.
Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman announced his support of Trump and the entire GOP Senate. I’d call that a political tsunami.
A Silicon Valley CEO who gave millions to Hillary announced he is now giving $1 million to Trump.
Most of these formerly Democrat donors cited the horrible job President Joe Biden is doing for the country and the economy. They all stated they’re scared of the direction of America.
Many also cited the disgusting and disgraceful leftist protests on college campuses. The wealthy class is waking up. They finally understand all of this must end now — the demonization of Jews; the chants of “Death to America;” the open border welcoming Hamas and Hezbollah sympathizers into America; the weaponization of the justice system; and the communist direction of America under Democrats.
Democrats have awakened the sleeping giant.
I believe this rigged trial and now absurd conviction for a crime no one (including the judge or prosecutors) can identify have finally unmasked the Democrats for the frauds they are.
For years now they’ve called Trump a “dictator.” Biden even called Trump a “dictator” in his comments after the conviction yesterday.
But after this rigged trial and fake conviction, smart Americans finally see who the real dictator is. Could a dictator be convicted in a “communist show trial”?
Could anyone falsely indict, arrest and convict a dictator like Vladimir Putin in Russia? Or Xi Jinping in China? Of course not. They’d have anyone involved in even trying to indict them instantly executed (without trial).
So how is Trump a dictator? It’s the people who have railroaded him that are the real dictators!
If Trump were a dictator, would he have accepted a rigged and stolen election? Would he have walked away from the presidency?
Would a dictator lose an election in the first place? Of course not. If Trump were a dictator, he’s the one who would have won a rigged election.
It’s the people who won the rigged election who are the real dictators!
When Trump was president, did he use the power of government to arrest political opponents, or to censor and ban critics of his policies? No.
Did he control the media and use them to put out his propaganda and call the truth “misinformation?” No.
Did Trump arrest protestors and put them in prison, without bail, and into solitary confinement for years on end, without trial? Of course not.
The people calling Trump a “dictator” just framed him and convicted him for a crime no one can identify.
Those are all actions committed by President Biden. So, who’s the real dictator? Biden should look in the mirror.
The dictators are the ones who spend all day demonizing Trump, arresting their political opponents, banning critics, censoring opinions on social media, force vaccinating Americans against their will, committing election interference with rigged trials, and opening the border to change the makeup of the electorate so they can stay in power forever.
The truth is out of the bag. The sleeping giant has awakened. We now know who the real dictator is.
And Democrats have just turned Trump into America’s Nelson Mandela.
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