Fox News Ratings Crater After Anti-Trump Bias

Fox News’s ratings have collapsed since Election Night.
The conservative news channel has seen their ratings plunge by nearly half in just three weeks… declining a whopping 40%.
The channel had long been a favorite of conservative viewers. But it saw its reputation take a devastating hit when their Election Day Decision Desk controversially called Arizona for Joe Biden on Election Night.
The late-night call ended what seemed to be a cruise to re-election for the President.
For days, Fox News was the only cable news channel that had called Arizona for Biden, but refused to roll back the call even as votes continued to be counted.
While Biden would later be declared the winner of Arizona by the media, Fox News’s controversial call caused anger among conservative viewers—and they began fleeing the channel in droves.
Conservative viewers seem to have found another home: upstart news channel Newsmax, which has presented a more reliably conservative viewpoint.
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