Hell Yes, This Is ‘the Great Replacement.’

I recently gave a speech about open borders, why it’s happening, who benefits, and what’s behind it — “the great replacement.” My speech was delivered at a conservative conference put on by and attended by sheriffs from across the USA.
My speech brought down the house and ended with a standing ovation. That’s what happens when people get to hear raw truth. It’s so rare.
You need to hear the details from my speech below — raw truth in writing, so you can study it, memorize it and share it.
And of course, you can watch the speech here.
But it’s important to note how my speech has been demonized and shadow-banned by the media and social media. They don’t want you to see it. They’re clearly scared to death of raw truth.
NBC called it “racist.” On X (formerly Twitter), Facebook and other social media, few can see my speech, or my posts about it. I might be the most censored conservative patriot in America.
But here are the details the deep state doesn’t want you to know.
I started my speech by reporting that I debated at a huge libertarian conference called FreedomFest a couple of years ago about the topic, “Was the 2020 Election Stolen From Trump?” FreedomFest brought in a liberal New York journalist to debate me.
He had what he thought were all the facts to destroy my arguments about the fraud of mail-in ballots, no voter ID, ballot drop boxes, ballot harvesting, no signature match, counting votes for days on end until only Democrats win, and of course, 3 a.m. deliveries of hundreds of thousands of fake ballots (which turned out to be almost 100% for Joe Biden).
While we debated about all of those voting scams perpetrated by Democrats, I destroyed him with a surprise attack he never saw coming. My main argument was that illegal alien votes made the difference in the 2020 election, specifically in battleground states. He had no answers for that argument.
The liberal journalist demanded to know how illegal aliens could vote. I pointed out to the crowd that in Nevada where I live, and in 18 other states (plus Washington, D.C.), illegal aliens are legally allowed to obtain driver’s licenses.
This is where the scam begins.
While at the DMV to get their license, they are by law automatically registered to vote.
They can’t even say “no.” It’s automatic. And the employees at the DMV cannot ask them if they are a legal U.S. citizen. So, every illegal alien in Nevada who drives is automatically registered to vote. That’s a fact. There can be no debate.
Then I asked a question to this liberal shill. Once legally registered to vote, why would any illegal alien choose not to vote? It’s legal. And at the polls, no one asks for ID. It’s foolproof. Their vote counts, and they face zero risk of getting in trouble.
Then I asked a second question of this clueless liberal shill. Why wouldn’t every illegal alien take advantage of this situation and vote, if they can elect Democrats who will never deport them, pay them generous welfare, free health care and education for their kids, and reward them after Democrats win with even bigger government checks? If you were them, wouldn’t you choose to vote? Of course you would!
That’s why they’re all voting!
Then I ended the debate with, “Their votes in battleground states like my state of Nevada (where Trump lost by only 33,000 votes) stole the election from President Trump. The entire country has been stolen from us by illegal alien votes. Period. End of story.”
The crowd exploded. Then they voted. I won a landslide victory. Almost every one of the 3,000 in attendance voted me the winner of the FreedomFest debate.
This is the story of open borders.
Democrats invite the whole world in, wave them through with no questions asked, and disperse them throughout the USA wherever needed to win elections. And if letting in millions works, why not let in tens of millions? Shower them with $10,000 Visa cards, free travel, free housing, free lawyers, free phones, and ask only one thing of them — register to vote in the state we’re sending you to. Simple, easy, effective.
Result? Democrats are stealing not only elections but the whole country. If Democrats can bring in enough new illegal aliens, no Republican president will ever win again. Soon Democrats will control the Senate and House forever more. And then … America is finished.
Need further proof? While this nation is on fire; while millions illegally cross the border; while hundreds of thousands more are flown straight from the Darien Gap in Panama into the USA with $20,000 loans by Uncle Sam (forgiven the moment they land on U.S. soil); while we spend a half TRILLION dollars a year on illegal aliens (which means the national debt will soon overwhelm the economy and collapse the country); while America is experiencing a crime wave like no other in our history; while our schools and health care system are being overwhelmed …
Worst of all, while our colleges are invaded and occupied by vile, violent Jew-haters from Muslim terrorist-controlled nations flying Palestinian flags, burning U.S. flags and chanting “Death to America”; while Jewish students’ lives are threatened; while Jews feel persecuted like never before in our country’s history …
In the middle of all this, President Joe Biden is telling us he wants to import Palestinians from Gaza.
What? Palestinians? People so poverty stricken for generations, so addicted to welfare, so dependent on government, so filled with rage and hate for Jews, Christians and Americans, taught from childhood to murder Jews, and their ranks so filled with criminals and terrorists that no Muslim nation in the world will take them.
In the middle of the anarchy going on at our colleges, Biden wants to pour fuel on the fire?
He wants to import the most serious Jew-haters, America-haters and Islamic terrorists in the world? Because we don’t have enough trouble already?
He’s willing to further endanger the lives of every Jew in America?
What this tells you is Biden (and his boss Barack Obama, who is directing all of this) must be hell-bent on the intentional destruction of America.
Or perhaps Biden simply wants to import more bodies into America to vote Democrat. Any bodies at all, as long as they’re warm and willing to vote Democrat for life.
Even the Palestinians, who no Muslim country in the world wants to touch because of the violence and terrorism they bring.
But it’s not just white Americans that Biden (and his boss Obama) and the entire Democratic Party are replacing. Yes, they want to replace white Americans, but also black Americans and Hispanic Americans, and any American with a brain and common sense.
Democrats want to replace all American citizens. Period.
Why? All so that they can turn America into a one-party country, turn us all into desperate sheeple, dependent on government for life and retain control forever.
Hell yes, this is “the great replacement.”
And that’s why the liberal media is so afraid of me and my speech.
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