Here’s the Shocking Reason Why Putin is Invading Ukraine

There are so many complex reasons for Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine.

And so many outcomes yet to be determined — sadly, all of them bad for the USA.

First, let me tell you a personal story that explains the psychology of Putin. I grew up the only white Jewish kid attending an almost all-black middle school and then a 90% black high school. Needless to say, I was the favorite target of bullies.

I know liberals haven’t a clue about this, but whoever is in the minority in life gets tortured, intimidated and unfortunately, gets their a– kicked. A lot. That’s a fact of life.

Therefore, I got tortured, intimidated and beaten up on a daily basis. The bullies at my school stole my lunch, beat me in the bathrooms and chased me home after school.

Most weak kids never change. I’m one of the lucky ones. A tough gang member took pity on me and taught me how to fight and defend myself. After a summer of brutal hand-to-hand combat training with my newfound tough friend, I vowed to never be intimidated again. I showed up at school ready to defend myself.

The first 3 bullies who picked on me got a rude awakening. I knocked the first out; knocked the entire top row of the second bully’s teeth out; and slugged the third one so hard, he was out of school for a week with a torn stomach muscle. The weakling (me) defeated the bullies. I was a real-life “Karate Kid.”

No bully ever touched me again. As a matter of fact, many of those tough guys and bullies became my buddies. I gained their respect.

The lesson is “peace through strength.” Only by being tougher than the other guy can you avoid conflict.

That perfectly describes former President Donald J. Trump. I can picture Trump telling Putin, “If you attack Ukraine, we will bomb Russia to oblivion. Don’t try me.” And Putin never did. Putin behaved while Trump was president.

But Putin knows Biden is a feeble old man with dementia. Putin knows he can walk all over him. That’s first and foremost what this is all about: intimidation.

Putin is a bully. He will try to get away with as much as he can while flexing his muscles and humiliating Biden. Putin wants to show the world that Russia is the world power now.

And America is a paper tiger.

Putin wants to show the world he is the big man on campus, with the big stick.

And of course, Putin also wants to pillage the abundant natural resources of Ukraine — especially the oil and gas reserves. After all, it’s always about the Benjamins.
But there’s also a shocking bonus to all of this that no one else is talking about.

I believe Putin is sick and tired of hearing Biden and America’s politicians lecture him about “Russia’s corruption.” Putin knows Biden is filthy and dirty. Putin knows the Biden crime family has taken kickbacks and payoffs all over the world. He knows Biden is “the Big Guy” who expects a piece of every deal. Biden lecturing others about corruption is like the Mafia lecturing about extortion.

Putin knows the center of Biden’s corruption was in Ukraine. Biden and his family intimidated, extorted and assaulted Ukraine. A little birdie tells me this is the big bonus for Putin after he invades and conquers Ukraine. He will capture and torture everyone involved in shady deals with Biden in order to unearth the secrets of Biden’s filthy corruption.

Then Putin has two juicy options. Behind door No. 1: Expose Biden’s massive crime wave in Ukraine, shock the world, make Biden step down, embarrass and demoralize the United States and paralyze America’s government. This makes Russia the new big, bad sheriff in town.

Behind door No. 2: Putin can blackmail Biden and hold his secrets over his head in order to get whatever Putin wants. Suddenly Biden is Putin’s flunky: the same relationship China already has with Biden. China has the goods on Biden. They clearly own Biden lock, stock and barrel. Now it’s Putin’s turn.

Lastly, one more bad thing that will almost certainly come out of this. Just like my high school days, when bullies sense weakness, they immediately attack. China is watching closely. If Putin takes Ukraine, outplays and humiliates Biden, China will absolutely invade Taiwan.

We are watching history unfold. Tragically, all of it is bad for America. Don’t you wish Trump were back in the White House? Unfortunately, tragically, this is proof that rigged elections produce bad consequences.

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