Joe Biden Running Again?

Joe Biden wants another term. The president told TODAY’s Al Roker his intentions for 2024 during a short segment at the annual White House Easter egg roll. Biden said that he planned on running for another term.

But… he said that “they’re not ready to announce it yet”.

It sounds like nothing is official, but his intentions are clear.

If Biden runs for re-election, then what could that mean for Republicans?

It means that the Democrats don’t respect any Republican candidate enough to think they need to put any effort into the 2024 election.

With Trump under indictment and many Republicans feuding within the party, the Democrats seem to have a clear path to victory. That is what the Democrats thought in the 2016 election as well.

The official announcement could come at any time, or he could still decide not to run.

It is likely that having the president tease his intentions on TODAY was a strategy to survey America on a potential run. So we’ll likely see Biden officially announce after more Republicans start announcing their intentions. Possibly late Summer or fall.

We are close to being 18 months out, and as summer heats up, we should expect a lot more announcements.


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