Landrieu Operative Runs for Cover when Presented with the Truth

On Thursday, Project Veritas Action, an organization that produces undercover investigations led by James O’Keefe, held a press conference disclosing unethical and possible illegal behavior by the Civil Rights Division of Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

O’Keefe, who arrived in Louisiana early Thursday morning, was surprised to find that Democrat operatives on the ground had already been discrediting him personally.

Specifically, Kirstin Alvanitakis, the young communications director for the Louisiana Democrat Party had been bold enough to go on camera and say O’Keefe had, “illegally wiretapped a Senate office.”

Kirstin is referring to an investigation conducted by O’Keefe were he entered the offices of Mary Landrieu dressed as a telephone repairman.

O’Keefe was investigating reports that Landrieu’s office was intentionally not responding to calls from Tea Party activists.

While he had no intent of wiretapping the office, due to his dress, which was required to ask staffers if there was any issues with their phone system, led to the uninformed assuming O’Keefe would go so far as to commit a felony by bugging a senator’s phones.

O’Keefe was eventually convicted of a misdemeanor for entering a government building under false pretenses. However, O’Keefe disputes that as he presented his valid driver’s license to check into the building.

Despite that facts, O’Keefe’s liberal opponents frequently bring up the false “wiretapping” line to personally discredit him.

In the case of Kirstin Alvanitakis, O’Keefe, who had been in the area for his press conference, decided to visit her office to request an apology after presenting her with the facts.

Watch the video for her reaction which was filmed by an astute blogger, the Rebel Pundit.

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