Las Vegas Oddsmaker Says Bet the House on GOP Landslide

I hate to say “I told you so,” but I told you so.

I’m not just a political radio and TV talk-show host. I’m also a Vegas oddsmaker and professional sports handicapper — and I’ve got the 180-pound granite star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars to prove it. Before I ever got into politics, I spent 30 years as the top sports oddsmaker in America. The national media dubbed me “America’s Oddsmaker” and “The King of Vegas Sports Gambling.” I understand the odds.

I’ve used those skills to pick political winners too. After seven years on national radio and TV, and thousands of predictions about politics, my record is the most accurate in the media — by a mile. I’m not perfect, but I’m batting .999.

I called this one a long time ago. This election was always going to be about inflation, inflation, inflation. But clueless Democrats bet the house on abortion, abortion, abortion.

Have you seen the polls? The GOP is surging. Key races all over the country are moving to the GOP. Polls that I trust give the GOP a 4- to 7-point lead in the generic congressional poll, which translates to a historic landslide similar to GOP victories in 2010 and 2014.

Most significant is the latest New York Times poll. Independent women voters have moved from backing Democrats by 14 points in September to favoring Republicans by 18 points in October. That’s a 32-point surge in ONE MONTH.

The other significant factor is Latino voters. They are also surging GOP. If Latinos go majority GOP, it will be the end of the Democrat Party. Literally.

The final factor to look at is England. Back in 2016 I made the famous prediction that Brexit would win. I was the only person in the media who made that prediction.

My famous Brexit prediction led me to predict only months later that then-candidate Donald Trump would upset Hillary Clinton, despite polls showing Democrats winning by a wide margin. I knew middle-class voters in the USA had the same views as middle-class voters in the U.K.

Fast-forward to this election. Once again, I was ahead of the crowd. Two months ago, I gave a speech to a large crowd at the Four Seasons hotel in Las Vegas. I predicted this election would be decided by women voters, by the same “mama bears” who won a landslide victory for Gov. Glenn Youngkin and the entire GOP slate in Virginia a year ago.


If the GOP pounded home in TV ads inflation, inflation, inflation. Gas prices, home heating oil, electricity bills, groceries. Never change the topic, I advised. Aim at women — in particular, mothers.

At the time every Democrat TV ad in Las Vegas was about abortion, abortion, abortion. I predicted this was the biggest mistake in U.S. political history. Just like the voters of the U.K. who forced the resignation of U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss days ago after only 45 days in office, American voters fear inflation, losing their homes, losing their jobs, being unable to put gas in their cars or food on their tables and becoming homeless.

I told the crowd at my speech, “Inflation trumps abortion every time.”

“Go after the women,” I urged. “They are the key. The GOP already has a huge majority of men, almost every white middle-class man; we even have a majority of Latino men. If we can get the women, we win in a landslide!”

Then I added in my speech the other issues that will win over female voters: out-of-control crime in Democrat cities; open borders with foreign criminals flowing into America by the millions under President Joe Biden; and just like Virginia — school issues. Hit female voters with failing schools, dangerous schools, critical race theory teaching your children that America is evil, transgender brainwashing, boys allowed to play girls’ sports and forced masks and vaccines for your precious children.

I closed with: “Pound home inflation, inflation, inflation… gas and electric bills and groceries… and crime, crime, crime… and the disaster Democrats have caused in our failing schools, and this will be a landslide of epic proportions. We will win the mama bears just like Glenn Youngkin won them in Virginia a year ago.”

The crowd gave me a standing ovation. The women in the room raced to the stage to thank me. They were wild with excitement. They all said, “Someone finally gets it!”

Fast-forward to today. Independent women have moved to the GOP by a remarkable, unheard of, unimaginable 32 points in one month. Why? Simple: inflation and crime have been raging out of control in the past month. The chickens have come home to roost.

It’s all because Democrats bet on the wrong horse. They decided to gamble the whole election on abortion. I told the GOP to bet the house on inflation. Inflation trumps abortion every time.

“It’s the economy and the women, stupid.”

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