‘Let’s Go Brandon’: The Intersection of Humor and Reality

When President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden spoke with children and NORAD authorities monitoring Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, things went awry. “Let’s Go Brandon,” a slogan that has become an online phenomenon this year, was stated by a father named Jared Schmeck from Oregon at the end of his family’s chat with the Bidens. If anyone believed this joke was going to die soon, Biden breathed new life into it with only two words that followed Schmeck’s message: “I agree.”

Jokes have a short shelf life in the age of the internet. Typically, these jokes, or memes, disappear from public consciousness as quickly as they emerge, owing to our newly interconnected world’s ability for anybody to send a message to millions of others in a moment, effectively placing previous jokes on the back burner. More than that, these internet jokes usually have a single target audience, whether it’s a specific age group or a specific community.

In either case, being a part of one of these age ranges or communities opens the doors to the underlying meaning of the joke. Despite this, the joke “Let’s Go Brandon” has such a profound significance that it has reached practically every audience in our culture and is so widespread that it appears to the average person to have been created just yesterday.

“Let’s Go Brandon” was popularized by NBC News during a post-race interview with Brandon Brown, the winner of the NASCAR Xfinity Series race. Fans could clearly be heard chanting “F— Joe Biden” throughout this interview.

Nonetheless, the NBC reporter added, entirely unprompted, that the crowd was shouting “Let’s go, Brandon” in a blatant and utterly pointless attempt to cover for the Democrat president.

This phrase has evolved into a euphemism for the aforementioned obscene chant, and it is now used to mock Democrats and the mainstream media for their unscrupulous practices, which have contributed to the deterioration of our society in recent years. Humor, as it turns out, is a path to truth; it is the point at which truth and our fear of communicating the truth collide.

While Brown is a successful NASCAR driver, the majority of individuals who have used and continue to use this term are unlikely to know who he is. That’s because the chant’s “Brandon” element has nothing to do with the driver and everything to do with the mainstream media and Democrats. “Let’s Go Brandon” is the result of years of rapidly diminishing media credibility.

The media has repeatedly shown to be little more than propaganda mills for political parties. Mainstream media outlets, particularly on the left, have run cover after cover for Democrats and used Republicans as punching bags, calling them every term in the book despite never having truly known the individuals they loathe and name-call in front of the entire world. When that interviewer stated “Let’s go, Brandon,” it perfectly encapsulated how Americans feel about the media. The crowd was openly disparaging the Democrat president, and, like clockwork, one of the very channels that many Americans abhor ignored what was right in front of their faces and brazenly lied to the people watching — as they do day after day. Not only that, but despite the chant’s lack of vulgarity, everyone who hears it and knows the context behind it understands precisely what it means.

This chant is in response to what the mainstream media has done to the United States. They have produced tremendous divide among the American population and made individuals frightened to speak up by continually harassing, criticizing and labeling them for their beliefs. Now, it appears that Biden’s unintended agreement with the statement merely adds to the growing concern about his mental competence that even Democrats must acknowledge.

Biden is not dumb — at least not in the traditional sense. He is a law school graduate who has served as a senator, vice president of the United States and now president. However, he is getting older, and no matter how much Democrats want to lecture you on science and other topics, it is a fact that old age is oftentimes accompanied by poor memory and diminished overall capacity. To lead our country, we need minds of the highest caliber, which I do not believe Biden possesses. With his newest gaffe, stating “I agree” to the slogan “Let’s Go Brandon,” he has demonstrated again why he is unfit to lead our country.

The media has dug their own grave; they have plunged into the deep end and buried themselves beneath the pillars of deception and falsehood. The mainstream media alienates more and more individuals with every blunder they make, for every clear falsehood they spread and for every instance of exaggerated reporting they produce. It will only be a matter of time until everyone understands the damage that these mainstream media sources have caused, as well as the devastation that our country has suffered as a result of their actions.

If you want to express your opinion, do so, but don’t intentionally make yourself appear as if you’re the arbiter of truth. Instead, make your intentions transparent so that people understand why you’re saying what you’re saying.

If the mainstream media intends to avoid unfortunate mishaps like this in the future, they must put the truth before their party, and the public’s interests above their own.

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