Liberals Think Paul Ryan Is A Great VP Choice For Hillary

Paul Ryan

It is a scary time in our country, and with two candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, most of America is really nervous, but not everyone.

There is a shocking amount of young people that have no clue about politics and are not interested at all.

Mark Dice, a YouTube sensation that exposes the Illuminati and asks liberals obviously wrong questions to see what they think is right.

In his latest video, Mark asks people enjoying the beaches of San Diego if they think it is a good idea that Hillary Clinton picked the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

If you were not worried about America before, you will be after watching this.

Mark does more than just ask stupid people stupid questions, he does a good job of picking out the hypocrisy in some of his other videos.

Here is a recent video where he adds some great commentary on the video “Hillary Refuses To Denounce DNC Conspiracy Against Sanders Proven By Wikileaks”.

If you don’t like Hillary, you should watch this one too.

What do you think about Mark Dice and his videos?

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