Panic Worse Than The Virus? (Coronavirus Update #2)

Over the weekend, the second death to Coronavirus happened in Washington State and several other states have now announced confirmed cases. As America wakes up Monday morning and the news of the spreading virus is sensationalized through media, people are going to start radically changing their behaviors.

We’ve seen a run on stores in places where the threat of catching the Coronavirus is already high. Friday, toilet paper was reported as a scare item in Hawaii. Sunday, Fox Business reported that toilet paper, cleaning wipes and bottled water were selling out quick in Washington and California.

With cases now in Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois and more being added to the list each day, it is only a matter of time when shortages hit the rest of the country. Clearly, the threat doesn’t need to be that high for people to start to panic-buy.

The best thing to do now is to make sure you have the items you need. Do it before the shortages hit the rest of the country.

Although the virus is spreading quickly, the fear is spreading faster. Just because people are freaking out, doesn’t mean they don’t have good cause. Places that have been hit hardest are like ghost towns.

Italy has over 1,000 confirmed cases and in some places the store shelves have been barren for a week. Streets are empty and business is starting to crawl.

We are where Italy was about six days ago when they had only 80 confirmed cases. Just five days ago, they announced they had 400 confirmed cases in Italy. Now they have over 1,000. 34 people have died in Italy and the numbers keep going up.

It isn’t out of the question to assume we’ll see a similar explosion in cases in America.

If that is the case, we should see a big jump Tuesday and Wednesday and possibly hit 1,000 cases in America before Friday. If people are panicing now with only a few cases, imagine the insanity we’ll be seeing seeing soon. Make sure you are prepared.


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