President Trump Can Win the 2024 Election With Just This One Idea

All Democrats do to win elections, other than rigging and fixing them with mail-in ballots; no voter ID; ballot harvesting; ballot drop boxes; no signature match; dirty voter rolls that haven’t been cleaned in years; illegal aliens voting by the millions; and counting fake ballots for days beyond Election Day…
Other than all of that…
Democrats win elections by bribing the voters. It’s called “Highway Bribery.” They bribe the poor with welfare, food stamps, free health care and a hundred other government
They bribe illegal aliens with open borders, no deportation, lots of welfare, free health care and free school for their kids.
And they bribe young voters by erasing student loan debt. This is the craziest bribe of them all. Students beg for a loan to attend college, sign personally, agree to pay it back, and now it’s all erased — with the implicit understanding they will vote Democrat as a thank-you. And of course, they do.
I say two can play at that game.
If former President Donald Trump and GOP candidates up and down the ticket play it right, with my idea, we will win a sweep of all major offices in 2024 — even with rigged elections. Because Democrats cannot overcome a landslide.
Democrats bribe young voters. It’s time for Trump and Republicans to play the same game — except aim our bribery at Americans who actually earned it (senior citizens). So, my idea is not actually bribery. It’s a reward for a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice.
Here is the idea. President Trump, please announce if you are elected in 2024, you will lead the fight to end all taxes on Social Security. Announce this fight will be your No. 1 priority.
You will become the “Save the Seniors” president!
Can anyone explain to me why senior citizens pay any taxes on Social Security in the first place? These are Americans who paid their hard-earned money into Social Security — at gunpoint (IRS tax law). We were all forced to pay into the system.
Those of us who are self-employed or own our own small business paid DOUBLE all these years in Social Security taxes — a staggering 16% of what we made.
We did that for 40 to 50 years. With no interest paid. We just gave the government our money for a half-century and got nothing back.
When we finally reach retirement age, we start to get a slow monthly payout of our own money. Wow, what a deal!
And government taxes us on the money we let them use interest-free for a half-century? Really?
I repeat: It’s our money in the first place. Government kept it for half a century.
Government kept the interest for a half-century. We got nothing. Why would we get taxed a penny on the way out?
Trump needs to make this pledge to end Social Security taxes a centerpiece of his 2024 campaign. Result? Trump and the GOP will win the overwhelming majority of the senior citizen vote. That’s 56 million Americans aged 65 and over — and they are THE most reliable voting bloc in America.
Is this idea crazy? Out of left field? First of all, it’s no more crazy than erasing student loan debt. How can Democrats just erase young people’s debt, when many college graduates (or their parents) did the right thing and paid their loans off?
Worse, how can Democrats ask blue-collar workers without college degrees to pay the debt for college graduates? Now that’s a really crazy concept.
But President Joe Biden promised it… and young people voted for him. Because bribery works in politics.
But my idea is about fairness. And it’s totally doable. Most Americans don’t even remember this, but in the history of America, Social Security was never taxed until 1984. If it wasn’t taxed then, why should it be taxed now?
Mr. President, you are the man to repeal this unjust tax on seniors!
Not only is it fair to right this wrong, but you’re also saving billions of dollars for 56 million seniors who desperately need this money to pay bills in the age of massive Biden inflation.
You’re saving millions of seniors from starvation, from bankruptcy, from becoming homeless.
And this idea is good for the U.S. economy. The economy will fly as we take money away from the government and put it in the hands of the American people. And not just any people. The most deserving people: senior citizens who have worked, sacrificed and paid taxes their whole lives.
Seniors deserve a break!
But more importantly, it’s liberals who live by the credo, “The ends justify the means.”
Democrats win the youth vote with their promises. Trump and the GOP will win the overwhelming majority of the senior vote with this pledge. Those millions of extra senior votes will provide the winning advantage for the 2024 election.
This idea is great for America. Great for senior citizens. And great for the GOP.
President Trump, after seniors help you win an electoral landslide… and a GOP sweep of the House and Senate… and GOP seats up and down the ticket from coast to coast…
You’ll be the president… backed by a strong GOP majority… and a mandate to secure the border; install voter ID to secure elections; create energy independence again; cut taxes and regulations to boost the economy; and make America great again.
The ends do justify the means. We get to save America, all because President Trump ended taxes on Social Security and became the “Save the Seniors” president.
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