President Trump, We Can End Inflation Tomorrow.

Inflation is a disaster. It is destroying our economy. It is destroying our paychecks and buying power. It is destroying the great American middle class. It is destroying our retirement plans. And it’s destroying jobs. President Joe Biden claims we are creating jobs.
We are — only millions of crappy, part-time jobs for unskilled, uneducated illegal aliens.
The American Dream is on life support.
And while inflation may go up from here — or be down in any given month — the reality is inflation is here to stay. It may not soar again like the first three years of the Biden administration, but whether it continues going up from here is beside the point.
We already have a base that few Americans can afford. Everything we buy is already up dramatically from the good old Trump days. And those high prices are the new base.
But many other products and services are skyrocketing. They are not staying at the base:
— Auto insurance is skyrocketing.
— Home insurance is skyrocketing.
— Health insurance is skyrocketing.
— Doctor and hospital bills are skyrocketing.
— Electric bills are skyrocketing.
— Natural gas bills are skyrocketing.
If World War III starts soon (which I believe it will), the fuel we put in our cars will skyrocket.
And then there’s restaurant bills and groceries. I don’t know if they’ll continue to soar. But even if inflation cools, they’re already way too high.
But dumb, ignorant, clueless suicide bombers (i.e., Democrats) don’t understand inflation. They have no idea what causes it. I do:
Democrats cause it.
Here is a simple plan that ends inflation instantly and creates a booming economy and prosperity for all. President Javier Milei is already doing much of my plan in Argentina, and he has tamed the highest inflation in the world in record time and instantly turned around his economy. Argentina’s currency is up by the most of any currency in the world — and the man has only been president for a few months! It’s an economic miracle.
This should be President Donald Trump’s game plan. Here it is. Simple.
It’s all about spending. Government spending. We need to cut it dramatically. We need to cut the debt and deficit. We need a budget surplus.
We can end inflation tomorrow with this plan. I hope and pray President Trump adopts all or most of it.
First, cut government spending dramatically — in every agency and department across the board. Start with a 15% cut on Day 1 — across the board everywhere, except military spending.
At the end of six months, cut another 15% of all government spending, except military.
Watch. The productive citizens of America will never even notice it’s gone. It will have no effect on their lives.
At the same time, cut government employees and bureaucrats. Start with firing 15% of all federal employees. At the end of six months, fire another 15%.
Watch. The productive citizens of America will never even notice these government employees are gone. It will have no effect on their lives.
Those two goals should be just a start.
Eliminate the departments of Energy and Education instantly — they have both failed miserably. Who needs them? No one will notice they’re gone. We couldn’t do worse.
Make a list of 20 more useless government agencies to eliminate entirely in the first six months.
After we do all this cutting, we should be able to attain a budget surplus, for the first time in decades.
In Argentina, Milei set a goal to achieve a budget surplus. He did it in his first few months.
For the first time in 20 years. Bravo.
If Argentina can do it, we can do it.
To help make it all happen, a Republican Congress needs to pass a balanced budget amendment and a line-item veto for Trump.
The next big problem is open borders. Illegal alien spending is overwhelming our economy and exploding our debt. This is what causes inflation! We must seal the border and stop ALL spending on illegals.
And deport 20 million-plus illegal aliens already here, sucking off of American citizens, eating up our budget, bankrupting our health care and public school systems.
To help accomplish this, ban all forms of welfare for illegal aliens.
You want to come to our country, come legally, and you can’t collect a dime from American taxpayers. You have no right to burden our citizens, explode our debt or raise our taxes. If you can’t work, you can’t come, and you can’t stay. Simple.
This alone saves half a trillion dollars per year. That’s $5 trillion of savings over the next decade. That’s real money.
Then ban welfare (after six months) for anyone in America who has two arms and two legs. If you’re not disabled, you must work. If you don’t want to work, fine. We value your freedom. Be a lazy bum, just not on our taxpayer’s dime. No more welfare for life.
Which fits perfectly with eliminating illegal aliens. We don’t need them to do the work, if everyone on welfare is given a choice — do those jobs “no one wants,” or lose your welfare.
We will save trillions of dollars over the next decade.
Next, reverse or cancel all green energy policies, regulations and laws. All of them.
America was built on cheap fossil fuel. Our middle class became the biggest and most prosperous in world history thanks to cheap fossil fuel. Green energy/climate change B.S. is the worst mistake in world history.
Except, it’s not a mistake. It’s the intentional destruction of America.
Drilling, clean coal, fracking and nuclear will make our country, U.S. economy and middle class prosperous again. And energy independent again. It’s that simple.
Next, stop all foreign aid to Ukraine. Are we insane? Giving them $200 billion in a losing cause, to the most corrupt government in the world, is exactly what causes inflation here in America. To give Ukraine money, we have to run the printing presses 24/7. Stop it.
Next, fire the 86,000 new IRS agents and cancel the $86 billion of spending needed for them. What a waste. We should be finding a way to eliminate the IRS, not giving them an additional $86 billion.
Next, cut spending on crime. Crime is exploding simply because we let all the criminals out to do it again and again. Pass “three strikes” laws again. Commit three crimes and you go to prison for life. End of story. We’ll save trillions by locking up forever the worst repeat offenders in America. And the threat of three strikes will stop a huge portion of future crime.
Maybe a few retail chains can actually stay in business in America again.
And finally, announce the biggest tax cut plan in history. Bigger and better than Reagan’s tax cut. Reward the productive citizens of America who pay into the system. Give them a flat tax of 15%.
And cut capital gains taxes to zero. China has a 0% capital gains tax. How can we compete with them if we take 25%, let alone Biden’s proposed 44.6%? Do it my way and watch investment and jobs soar like never before.
This is just a start off the top of my head. Do this and inflation is gone. Instantly. Interest rates drop to historic lows. The economy skyrockets by the most in history. America and the U.S. economy are great again.
This is your plan, President Trump.
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