Surprising COVID-19 Fact That Is Hair Raising

Bald heads on men have become sexy in pop culture thanks to men like the Rock, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham, but being bald may be dangerous.

A new study shows that bald men are almost twice as likely to have severe reactions to COVID-19.

Men without hair are being admitted to ICU units at a higher rate as well.

COVID-19 has killed more men than women, and the bald factor may be one of the major reasons.

Men with androgenetic alopecia, hair loss, are more susceptible to COVID, and spend almost twice as much time suffering from the infection than men without any hair loss. 

COVID-19 is vicious and evolving. Just as the world started to get a handle on the disease, India’s infected rates have shot up.

India could hit a million deaths in the coming months, and they are seriously struggling with getting the coronavirus under control.

India has a large number of males that have hair loss issues, and it may be contributing to how bad India is being hit right now with COVID.

The Advanced Hair Studio reports that India has a very high rate of male baldness.

“While male-pattern baldness is a common problem, in India, however, some studies suggest that almost eighty-five percent of the adult male population would suffer from pattern baldness.”

There are many factors why India is being hit hard, but wit 85% of male adults having pattern baldness and twice as likely to be severely affected by COVID could be a major reason why they are having such a hard time right now.

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