The Kevin McCarthy Saga

I have talked extensively for two years now about the nonstop gaslighting, brainwashing and propaganda going on in America — a conspiracy of government (in particular, the Department of Justice and FBI), media, social media, Hollywood and, of course, the UniParty (Democrats combined with RINO fraud Republicans).

This week we have witnessed one of the best examples ever: the Rep. Kevin McCarthy House speaker saga.

McCarthy is a prime example of a UniParty fraud: He is a D.C. swamp, deep-state RINO fake who backstabbed former President Donald Trump and then raised money to attack and defeat Trump-backed, America First, MAGA candidates in the 2022 election. He is the worst kind of fraud, coward and pansy.

Trump argued with me on my Real America’s Voice TV show “America’s Top Ten Countdown” last week that Sen. Mitch McConnell is even worse, and McCarthy would be better than a lot of other horrible choices for House speaker. Basically, Trump was arguing “everyone in the D.C. swamp sucks, so let’s settle for the best of the worst.”

I disagree 110%.

I want to remind Trump of how he became one of the wealthiest and most famous human beings in world history. By never settling. By aiming for the stars. By never accepting less than No. 1. No one — including Trump — ever got famous by aiming for the lowest common denominator. You aim for the stars; you don’t aim for the curb.

Kevin McCarthy is the curb.

Being “the best of the worst” is not something to vote for. I’m a Republican-conservative patriot. I want conservative, America First, MAGA patriots to lead my party. I want a general to lead us into battle. Not a wishy-washy, middle-of-the-road, RINO fraud who never fails to disappoint conservatives, but always caves to Democrats. That’s McCarthy.

Did you know McCarthy gets an “F” liberty score from Conservative Review?

Do you think Democrats would vote for a House speaker who gets an F in socialism, green energy, open borders and social justice? No way. They’re too smart to vote for a feeble, feckless coward. They’re too smart to vote for a traitor to their own cause.

The entire U.S. media is gaslighting you, trying to convince you that McCarthy must be the House Speaker… his election must be rammed through… the entire saga is a “humiliation” to the GOP… and those 20 holdouts are “insurrectionists.”

Nope. They’re heroes of American patriotism, American exceptionalism, capitalism and conservative values.

Why is it acceptable to be a “Never Trumper,” but not a “Never Kevin”? Since when does voting against someone who gets an “F” rating when fighting for your own top priorities make you an “insurrectionist”?

And as far as this whole fight against McCarthy being “embarrassing” for the GOP, that’s the worst gaslighting yet.

First of all, polls show 80% or more of Americans disagree with the direction of America.

Why would anyone in the GOP vote for the status quo? McCarthy is the status quo. More of the same bad direction.

Second, only 35% of Americans in the latest Rasmussen poll want McCarthy as House Speaker. Among conservative MAGA patriots I know, NO ONE wants McCarthy. Yet 99% of GOP members of Congress support McCarthy. That tells how screwed-up, evil, corrupt and bribed our political system has become. The people elected to represent you and me, don’t.

They only represent themselves.

Lastly, you know the real definition of embarrassing and humiliation? The past two years of Joe Biden’s presidency and Democrat rule.

The open border. Millions of migrants being waved in. The worst inflation in the history of our country that is destroying middle-class American lives. The retreat from Afghanistan leaving American soldiers to die, leaving behind American citizens, leaving $85 billion of U.S. military equipment. That’s embarrassing.

Wasting $100 billion of American taxpayer money on Ukraine, where the money is being stolen and laundered by Ukrainian politicians, Ukrainian mafia, Ukrainian Nazis… and 10% off the top for “the Big Guy” … and don’t forget millions of laundered dollars illegally sent back to Democrat candidates in the USA to defeat every Trump-supported, MAGA candidate, cheered on by McCarthy and McConnell. That’s embarrassing.

Biden pushing Vladimir Putin to start World War III and nuclear Armageddon. That’s embarrassing.

Pushing potentially deadly, poison COVID-19 shots on innocent Americans, watching the highest death rates in world history, thousands of “sudden deaths” per day, and covering it all up like Hunter Biden’s laptop. That’s embarrassing.

But waiting a few days to try to elect a true leader with the courage, principles and balls to stand up for the American people, American exceptionalism, capitalism, conservative values and Republican voters…

That’s brilliant. That’s as American as apple pie. Those 20 Republican holdouts are heroes and patriots.

I hate to say, “I told you so,” but…

President Donald J. Trump should have been our House speaker.

I was the first to publicly propose that idea on Jan. 30, 2021. I was the first to ask Trump about it. And I was the first to urge Trump to go after the House speaker position in my one-on-one interviews. I was right.

That’s the solution. That’s how we break this logjam. We need Trump now more than ever.

Trump is the man to lead the battle. We can’t wait until 2024. This is how we get Trump today.

Step up, Mr. President.

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