This is 100% Obama: Columbia University Anarchy.

This is all Barack Obama.
What you see happening right now in New York City all started at Columbia University way back in the early 1980s. Obama was my Columbia classmate. And now it’s all full circle back to our roots (excuse the pun).
Columbia University is the canary in the coal mine.
George H.W. Bush talked about “1,000 points of light.” Obama uses “1,000 points of destruction” to achieve his goal — the intentional destruction of America.
You can see it all happening just blocks apart right now — all built around Columbia and NYC.
Upper Manhattan is where the anarchy at Columbia is on display. The Jew-hatred. The America-hatred. The hatred of capitalism. The desire to destroy the greatest nation in world history ever blessed by God.
And then a few miles south in lower Manhattan is the courtroom where a rigged communist show trial is happening to destroy the greatest symbol of everything Obama hates — President Donald J. Trump.
SYNERGY: Columbia and New York City. That’s where Obama and I learned the plan to destroy America, called “Cloward-Piven.”
I have a unique understanding of Obama. Not only was he my college classmate but I’ve studied him for most of my adult life. You want to understand what makes Obama tick? Read the 452 pages of my No. 1 bestselling book from 2013, “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.”
Here is what I see happening right now:
Obama is the real president of the United States. Unelected. Yet he holds all the power and calls all the shots for his braindead, dementia puppet Joe Biden.
The rigged election; the open borders; the Green New Deal; diversity, equity and inclusion, and critical race theory; transgender brainwashing of your kids at school; the weakening of our military; the division and hatred; the crime wave created by radical leftist prosecutors who let every criminal go free; the weaponization of government; the 86,000 new IRS agents; the massive spending and debt, leading to massive inflation, which murders the middle class.
Everything bad and evil happening for the past 3 1/2 years all started with Obama’s presidency.
Obama honed these skills at Columbia. Then he sharpened them for eight years as president. Now he has perfected and accelerated them as the “shadow president” — the man behind puppet Biden.
Everything happening in NYC right now has Obama’s fingerprints all over it.
The anarchy at Columbia. That’s Obama.
The hatred for America. That’s Obama.
The hatred for capitalism. That’s Obama.
The hatred for Trump and the communist show trial rigged to destroy him. That’s Obama.
The hatred for Jews (and anyone in power). That’s Obama.
By the way, don’t take my word for it. Even ultra-liberal, lifelong Democrat and former Obama supporter Alan Dershowitz recently said Obama hates Israel and the Jews. He called Obama “despicable.” He blames Obama for the antisemitic, anti-Israel and anti-American attitudes in this country today.
Alan, welcome to “Wayne’s World.” This is exactly what I’ve been saying about Obama since my college classmate was campaigning for president in 2007.
One more thing Obama is great at — painting everyone who disagrees with his plans to destroy America as a “racist.” You know the real definition of racist? Anyone winning an argument with a communist.
This is all Cloward-Piven.
The main goal of Cloward-Piven is to get the whole country on welfare and food stamps so the country will be overwhelmed. This creates so much debt that the economy implodes, the country collapses and in this mess, America is reborn as a socialist/communist utopia.
Obama started all of that during his presidency. The spending, taxes and debt exploded.
Even though Obama’s friends and donors got filthy rich on Wall Street, Main Street was decimated. By some measures, Obama’s economy was worse than the Great Depression.
Under Obama, the number of Americans on welfare, food stamps and a thousand other government programs exploded to well over 100 million.
Then he passed Obamacare to solve a problem that never existed. Health care spending exploded. More Americans dependent on government, more debt, more inflation to wipe out the middle class.
But now Obama has perfected his craft.
If you can’t get everyone on welfare, just open the border and wave in the whole poverty-stricken world. Plus, the added benefit of all the sick and pregnant of the world to add more massive spending, health care spending, welfare and debt until the economy is overwhelmed and America collapses.
Meanwhile, you also completely change the demographic makeup of America and replace American citizens with foreign sheep who vote 100% Democrat to keep their welfare checks coming.
And boy did Obama sharpen his use of government as a weapon. I’m a witness. As president he used the IRS to try to destroy me personally.
Today he has weaponized every agency of government and funded 86,000 new IRS agents — many with guns. He uses the DOJ and FBI to destroy Trump, Jan. 6 protestors and soon everyone who stands in the way of the final destruction of America.
Obama and his Marxist comrades use a government partnership with media and social media to push propaganda and misinformation out to the public 24/7, and to censor, silence and ban anyone who tells the truth.
And then there’s the radicalized lynch mobs used as Obama’s army to create chaos and crisis. Today, he is behind the anarchy and unrest of this radical anti-Israel, pro-Hamas movement.
Soon, the real “Obama Army” will appear — 20 million new illegal aliens — most of them criminals and military-aged males.
The Trump persecution. The rigged Trump trials. The Jew-hatred. The America-hatred. The open border empowering a foreign invasion. The insane welfare, spending and debt.
Exploding health care costs.
It’s all Obama on STEROIDS.
It all started at Columbia. That’s the centerpiece of the attack on Trump, America, capitalism and Jews right now.
It’s all come full circle.
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