Trump Is Secretariat. DeSantis and Haley are Headed for the Glue Factory.

Donald J. Trump is the closest thing to Secretariat that we’ve ever seen in American politics.
Do you remember Secretariat? Secretariat is the greatest racehorse in the history of racing.
A winner of the famous Triple Crown. The holder of the fastest times in all three races of the Triple Crown. Nothing could stop Secretariat. No one could beat Secretariat. Secretariat is a legend. Secretariat is the G.O.A.T. (the greatest of all time).
Sound familiar? That’s Trump — an unstoppable, unbeatable force. Superhuman. A living legend. The G.O.A.T.
Here’s a man who was impeached twice, faced four years of hatred, was called “Hitler” and “Nazi” and “KKK”, was demonized 24/7 by the media and still got the most votes in the history of the presidency, the most votes of any Republican ever and the most new votes in his second presidential race of any president in history.
Now almost four years later — after four indictments, facing over 700 years in prison and branded as a dictator who will destroy democracy, shred the U.S. Constitution and assassinate his rivals — Trump just won a shocking landslide in Iowa by the biggest margin in history. Trump won 98 of 99 counties (losing the only remaining county by one vote). He won a landslide among virtually every voting group. He doubled his support in Iowa from his first presidential run in 2016. He steamrolled Iowa like no one in history, on one of the coldest days in history.
That may have been a surprise to the media and the hosts at CNN and MSNBC, but not to me. I spent the past week on my national radio and TV shows predicting the worst cold in the history of the Iowa Caucus would benefit Trump because Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley are merely “politicians.” No one goes out in 30 below zero temperatures for “just another politician.”
But Trump is a living legend and superhero. Trump’s supporters love the man. Trump’s voters would walk on hot coals for Trump. I predicted waiting in line to vote in 30 below zero temperatures would never deter Trump voters. They would do anything for this man they love and appreciate — who they understand has sacrificed everything for the American people.
Then we have DeSantis and Haley.
DeSantis gambled EVERYTHING on Iowa. His campaign was dying, running out of money, donors, supporters, volunteers — literally on its last gasp. So, DeSantis spent all his money and had all his staff and every volunteer in Iowa for months. He campaigned in all 99 counties — something no presidential candidate has ever done. The Florida governor, for all intents and purposes, became an Iowa resident.
DeSantis was endorsed by Iowa’s popular governor. He was endorsed by the most popular Christian pastor and leader in Iowa — the man whose endorsement in the past has led to victory after victory. DeSantis received over 55,000 “pledge cards” from voters pledging to vote for him.
Result? DeSantis lost all 99 counties. This is what we call “an old-fashioned butt whipping.”
This was a landslide repudiation of DeSantis. He gambled and lost everything.
And what did poor, shellshocked, delusional DeSantis say after getting annihilated in Iowa?
“We got our ticket punched out of Iowa.” Bizarre. DeSantis is delusional. But hey, he was kind of right. He was beaten like a pinata!
Haley is even worse. She finished in third place. And what did she say? Now it’s “a two-person race.” Huh? Haley is delusional and math-challenged.
It’s over. It’s not a two-person race or a three-person race. It’s officially a one-person race: Trump! This race has been over since last March when Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Trump over false, ridiculous, ludicrous charges. On that day, I predicted the race was over. I said, “Democrats and Alvin Bragg just guaranteed Trump the GOP nomination, made him the 47th President of the United States and a martyr. Thank you!”
Poor DeSantis and Haley and all the others never stood a chance. Each new Trump indictment over ludicrous fake charges, and each attempt to disqualify Trump and remove him from the ballot, proved to voters this was a political persecution, witch hunt of all witch hunts, and unprecedented weaponization of government. And of course, I wrote the book “Trump Rules” about the rules of Trump that made him a superstar. And rule No. 1 is use the free media to make sure everyone is talking about you 24/7. Because of those indictments, Trump is all anyone talks about 24/7. Every conversation revolves around Trump.
Anyone with a brain gets the idea: Democrats are scared to death of Trump and desperate to stop Trump at all costs. But by obsessing with him and talking about him 24/7, and attacking only him, they’ve made him the only thing everyone thinks about.
Democrats made Trump a superhero. They made him a martyr. Democrats made Trump an unstoppable force. They have no one to blame but themselves.
DeSantis and Haley never had a chance. This race was over before it started. Now it’s officially over. And the longer they stay in, the more foolish and delusional they look.
My advice to delusional DeSantis and Haley:
Drop out ASAP. There is no path to victory for either of you. Trump will win New Hampshire next. Then comes my home state of Nevada. Trust me on this one — a record-setting Nevada landslide is coming. Trump will win the Nevada Caucus by the biggest margin in the country. Haley isn’t even on the ballot in the Nevada Caucus. Trump will beat DeSantis one-on-one by 50 points.
Then Trump will destroy Haley in her home state of South Carolina by 30 points. Trump is beating DeSantis in his home state of Florida by 40 points. Trump will win all 50 states. It’s over. Drop out now and retain your dignity. And quickly endorse Trump. Or you both have no political future left in the GOP.
Just admit it … Trump is Secretariat. And DeSantis and Haley are headed for the glue factory.
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