USA Needs A Quick Recovery, The World Needs Our Help!

The Coronavirus is quickly sweeping across the globe. First it was China, then South Korea, Iran and Italy. Now it is running rampant in Europe and gaining ground in the United States quickly, but the most at risk in our world have not seen a spike yet. They have yet to be hit hard, but its coming.

After almost four months of dealing with the crisis and over 3,100 deaths in China, things are starting to look up for the home of the Coronavirus. So much so, that some of the wealthiest in the country are supporting areas that need help the most.

Jack Ma, the founder of the e-commerce site Alibaba, is sending masks and test kits to all the countries in Africa.

Four days ago he announced he was sending resources and kits to America and we desperately need them. Right now, America is solely focused on itself, as we should be. We are literally in the fight of our lives, but this will pass.

The damage here will be horrific, but we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world with some of the most amazing doctors and nurses the world has ever seen. We will get through this, but what about impoverished countries? What about the countries in Africa that don’t even have clean drinking water, let alone water for washing hands?

It is hard for us to think past the terror that is starring in our faces, but that terror is sweeping across the globe and places like Africa and South America are accumulating cases every day.

Countries like China and the United States are world powers and need to lead by example. We have to find a way to stop the spread in the United States, flatten the curve and get through this. We need to keep our citizens safe, and as we come out of this, we need to be ready to help all of those that will need it this spring.

Imagine what this will do in the slums of Brazil or the largest urban slum in Kenya Africa? Outside of Nairobi, 170,000 people live in close quarters with very limited sanitation. There are three cases in Kenya right now, but at one point there were three cases in America as well. A month ago, actually. Now we have about 5,000 cases with many that have not been confirmed or tested.

If two people are drowning, they can’t help save each other. One needs save themselves and get to a life boat. Then they can row over and save the other drowning person.

This is going to be devastating for America, but we’re going to get through this. We have to get through this, because whether anyone realizes it or not, the world will desperately need our leadership and resources.

So in the coming days when the government establishes a full lock down, listen. Stay home, and do your very best to help neighbors and stop the spread. We have to! Not only is our country being threatened, the world is too. There are people all over Africa and South America that will desperately need help in the coming months, and we need to be ready to help them.

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