WATCH: Driver Puts On Masterclass On Keeping Calm Under Pressure

A driver of a cash-in-transit vehicle just put on the most impressive show of driving under pressure this side of a Hollywood movie.

The unidentified driver of the modified Toyota Land Cruiser was able to remain calm while still issuing instructions to his partner. At one point telling him to switch from a handgun to an AR-style rifle and asking him to phone a Robbie and a Josh.

The video footage of the event catches the sounds of bullet impacts and you can see the damage to the bulletproof glass on the driver’s side window and later again on the passenger side.

An additional video has been released of the incident, this time from the driver’s point of view:

The robbers thought they were going to be hitting an easier target but this driver proved otherwise.

How do you think you would handle being in this situation? Let us know in the comments down below:

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