We Can All Complain About Open Borders, But Here Is A Real Solution. 

On my TV show, “America’s Top Ten Countdown” on Real America’s Voice TV every Friday night and Saturday morning, I choose the top 10 stories in America. As chosen by me — a lifelong conservative warrior, America First patriot and capitalist evangelist. I’ve been a conservative since the age of 3 when I was campaigning for Barry Goldwater in my father’s arms.
Then I choose the order of these top 10 stories and count them down to No. 1. You need to hear this past week’s No. 1 story — because I have an immediate solution for the open borders crisis that has the potential to change everything.
First, I am a man of solutions. Anyone can complain and criticize, but always bring a solution. I wrote two bestselling books about solutions for conservative patriots — “The Great Patriot Protest & Boycott Book” and “The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book.” I’m proud to say my last book was endorsed by President Donald Trump.
My books show conservative patriots how to boycott, punish and defund woke, liberal companies, and how to reward and fund patriotic, pro-American companies. Those are real strategies and solutions that work!
But my favorite solution ever was born 15 years ago. Way back in the mid-2000s, I proposed a solution for open borders and illegal immigration. I urged Republican governors to round up their illegal alien lawbreakers and ship them to Democrat cities and towns. I knew that liberal politicians would scream “bloody murder.” This is how we could make Democrats look like fools and hypocrites. And if we overwhelmed their cities and made their lives miserable, they might act.
Fast forward to today. GOP governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott are sending illegal aliens to Democrat cities. And those hypocritical so-called sanctuary cities are screaming bloody murder and crying “Uncle.” They are overwhelmed. Their budgets are exploding. Their streets are swarming with crime, drugs and homeless people.
Liberal hypocrites are losing their minds.
We’ve created chaos and crisis — by taking a page from Saul Alinsky’s playbook. And we’ve overwhelmed Democrat cities — by taking a page from Cloward-Piven (which was all about “overwhelming the system”).
So, how can we apply this strategy to open borders?
Simple. How did we destroy Bud Light? We stopped trying to boycott many different woke companies. We ALL got together and boycotted one company. Every conservative in America said, “No more Bud Light.” And we won — BIG TIME!
Corporate America was stunned. Never before had all of us stuck together, with such purpose and passion, for such a long period of time, to defeat and destroy one woke company. Now let’s apply that strategy to the open border and illegal immigration.
Obviously, the best way to secure our border is to:
— Elect Trump in November.
— Finish and strengthen the wall.
— Reapply Title 42 (“Remain in Mexico”).
— Fire 86,000 new IRS agents and use the money to hire 86,000 border and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. We need the border agents to secure the border. We need the ICE agents to begin the largest mass deportation in history.
— Fly thousands of drones over the border to work with Border Patrol to make our border impassable.
— Ban birthright citizenship.
— Then, Trump must begin the process of mass deporting millions of illegals who entered during Joe Biden’s presidency.
Simple, right? Except, none of this can happen until Trump is sworn in as the 47th president on Jan. 20, 2025. Until then, nothing will happen because Democrats control the White House and Senate. So, here is my idea to force action now:
We copy the Bud Light strategy and apply it to open borders — on STEROIDS!
Republican governors need to stop sending their illegal aliens to so many different Democrat cities. Stop sending them to New York, Boston, Chicago and even Martha’s Vineyard. Stop spreading them out. That dilutes the pain.
Instead, we ALL work together. We ALL row the boat in the same direction. We ALL aim at the same target — to overwhelm the system (just like Cloward-Piven) and to create chaos and crisis (just like Saul Alinsky).
Every GOP governor needs to send every illegal alien to one city only — Washington, D.C.
Biden has let in, in my estimation, about 20 million illegals. Send them all to one place.
Make Washington, D.C. collapse. Overwhelm Washington, D.C. Surround the White House with illegals. Surround the Capitol building with illegals. Surround the Supreme Court with illegals. Surround the neighborhoods of key senators and congressmen. Surround the neighborhoods of Supreme Court justices. Surround the schools of the spoiled brat children of senators and congressmen. Surround the fancy restaurants where congressmen meet for lunch with lobbyists.
Make congressmen step over hordes of illegals to walk into Congress each day.
Make senators step over hordes of illegals to get into their Senate chambers.
Surround the White House — make it difficult for Biden’s motorcade to get in or out.
Surround Barack Obama’s D.C. mansion — make it impossible to get in and out of Obama’s neighborhood.
Make the spouses of senators and congressmen step over dangerous illegals to get into their favorite supermarkets, hair salons, nail salons, gyms, department stores.
Overwhelm Washington, D.C., until it’s one gigantic gridlock with illegals. No one will be able to get to work. The whole city will be shut down. In Canada, the truckers created gridlock and shut the capital down. But here we are letting the illegal aliens do the job for us!
Everyone needs to aim at one target (Washington, D.C.) from now until Jan. 20, 2025 — just like we all aimed at Bud Light.
This is how we make Democrats in D.C. feel the pain. This is how we make their lives miserable. This is how we make these hypocrites scream bloody murder and cry “Uncle.”
My guess is they will actually do something about open borders just to return their own lives to normal. Just to save their own marriages. Just to keep their own children safe.
But if I’m wrong and they still refuse to act, at least we will have the satisfaction of knowing we made their lives miserable.
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